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Grand Opening of the Catholicism for the Modern World Website!

The best new Catholic website on the internet

Good news!

The CFTMW website is now in working order!

After a ruff start, with many bugs, dull design, and weak inspiration, I repeat, the website is now well on its way to being the next best Catholic website.

Walk on the ground floor, and get in, and see for yourself. The site sports a vibrant design, reflecting the richness of the Catholic faith.

Besides the amazing content, the typography invites the eyes and engages your interest. It is designed to be read.

Did I mention the forums?

Sparing my lack of awareness, I believe CFTMW is the first Catholic website to have built-in forums.

Ask questions. Start discussions. Connect with others!

In addition, there are public groups where you can chat with others in a more defined sense. Don’t see a group you like? Create your own and invite your friends on the site to it!

In time, you can also expect to see top-of-the-line Catholic video productions, podcast episodes, and long-form discussions without having to leave the site.

Though the site and some of its ideas are in infancy, the structure and possibility within could give the established Catholic websites, such as Catholic Answers, a run for their money.

Catholicism for the Modern World is the next level of digital evangelization, which seeks to inspire the faithful, while also exposing outsiders to the exuberant beauty of the Catholic Church established by Christ.

“Artists, writers and all those who use the means of social communication should exercise their profession in accordance with their Christian faith and with a clear awareness of the enormous influence which they can have.” —Persona Humana

If you are interested in writing for our website, click here to learn how.

Contact us at:

Check us out on all social media platforms with one click.

And make sure to join this month’s giveaway, found on the website's homepage!


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