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Looking for a Large Group Chat With ~300 Other Catholics?

Join the Catholicism for the Modern World Discord!

In the age of the internet and “social” media, it seems most of us are lacking friends and true human connection. The CFTMW Discord server seeks to be a place that changes that!

We are quickly growing with new members every day and have one of the best online communities. We welcome you to join us!

If you are unfamiliar with Discord, it is the app that is the evolution of those old internet forums.

It makes great scrolling when you’re on a break at your job, or when you are settling down for the day.

Me, being a slight dinosaur, was unaware of the app until the great Nolan Campbell told me of it and helped me set up the server.

Sadly, it seems that even amongst Catholics and other Christians, their online communities fall into the same pitfalls as vulgar secular ones do. Some are not distinguishable. Our mod team seeks to guard the community against those failures and guide all of our members closer to Christ. By doing so, the community has become a very friendly place, where everyone, even our Protestant or non-believing brothers, are welcome.

We have members of all ages and backgrounds. We have channels for all types of discussion, from culture, history, debate, and theology to those of a more fun and relaxed nature and essence and ontology (joke) — such as a voice-chat lounge, as well as the pets and nature channels.

There is a channel for everyone! There is someone for everyone to talk to!

For Catholic creators, writers, podcasters, or videomakers, we have special channels for promotion and collaboration.

In addition to all of this, we have events. Our first event ever, last month, was a Catholic trivia night which had a large and fun participation.

Well, enough for my oration…

Come stop by the server and see for yourself what you are missing out on!


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