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on Celibacy

Jerome Against Jovinianus book 1 par 26 (347-420 ad)
But we might say concerning Peter, that he had a mother-in-law when he believed, and no longer had a wife
Jerome Letter 22 par 18 (347-420 ad)
For me, virginity is consecrated in the persons of Mary and of Christ."
Jerome Letter 130 par 11 (347-420 ad)
The same may be said of sanctification and of that chastity without which no man shall see the Lord. Each of these is a step on the upward way, yet none of them by itself will avail to win the virgin's crown. The gospel teaches us this in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins; the former of whom enter into the bridechamber of the bridegroom, while the latter are shut out from it because not having the oil of good works they allow their lamps to fail.

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