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Council of Jerusalem, 536

Apostolic See, Papal Authority

“Anthimus has made himself guilty of many transgressions: In uncanonical manner he seized the patriarchal see of Constantinople and endeavoured to secure the agreement of the clergy and people. Secretly, however, he subscribed to the teaching of Eutyches, although he still made a profession of the four synods and also pretended to accept Leo's Tome. This was, however, to deceive the Emperor, the apostolic see of Rome and the patriarchs. But Pope Agapetus I discovered that he denied ecclesial dogmas, in particular the teaching of the two natures which the Synod of Chalcedon defined against Eutyches.Thus he is a supporter of Dioscorus and Eutyches. Because he has evaded the canonical process and has missed the acceptable moment for repentance, he must now be separated, as an unsuitable member, from the body of the holy Churches, deposed as bishop of Trebizond and, according to the judgement of the holy Pope [Agapetus], be declared to have forfeited every holy office and authority” (From the Council).

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