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Emperor Marcian

Apostolic See

“…[your] belovedness does confirm that the council of Chalcedon, with the assent of all the bishops, followed the catholic and truly orthodox faith. For this reason your venerableness should speedily issue your own letter in which you show most clearly that you confirm the council at Chalcedon, so that those who desire roads that are no roads may be in no misapprehension about your holiness’ judgement.” (Letter to St. Pope Leo the Great, in the acts of the Council of Chalcedon).

“After that, this decision was actually made, so that the resolution of the 150 most holy bishops in the time of the divine Theodosius the Elder concerning the honour of the venerable church of- Constantinople, and the recent prescription of the holy synod on the same subject, should be upheld intact: namely that, after the apostolic see, the bishop of the city of Constantinople receives the second place, because the said most glorious city is called Rome the Younger. Let your holiness think fit to add personal assent also to this part, even though the most reverend bishops who met together at the holy synod as representatives of your devoutness have voted against it. For they absolutely forbad anything to be settled concerning this venerable church by the synod.

“And we beg that your devoutness will also give instructions that those things which the holy synod has decreed be observed for ever. Other things by hand. May God preserve you for many years, most holy and devout father.” (Letter to Pope Leo).

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