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Asterius, Bishop of Amasea in Pontus

Chief of the Apostles, St. Peter, Shepherd

“In order that he may show his power, God has endowed none of his disciples with gifts like Peter. But, having raised him with heavenly gifts, he has set him above all. And, as first disciple and greater among the brethren, he has shown, by the test of deeds, the power of the Spirit. The first to be called, he followed at once. . . . The Saviour conjded to this man, as some special trust, the whole universal Church, after having asked him three times " Lovest thou me? ". And he received the world in charge, as one flock one shepherd, having heard, "Feed my lambs" ; and the Lord gave, wellnigh in his own stead, that most faithful disciple to the proselytes as a father, and shepherd and instructor.” (Homily 8: On the Chief Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul [A.D. 395]).

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