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Council of Milan


“To their lord, their dearly beloved brother, Pope Siricius; Ambrose, Sabinus, Bassianus, and the rest send greeting. In your holiness' letter we recognized the viligance of a good shepherd, for you faithfully guard the door which has been entrusted to you, and with pious care watch over the fold of Christ, being worthy to be heard and followed by the sheep of the Lord. Knowing therefore the lambs of Christ, you will easily discover the wolves, and meet them as a wary shepherd, so as to keep them from scattering the Lord's flock by their unbelieving life and dismal barking. We praise you for this, our lord and brother dearly beloved... But if they will not believe the doctrines of the priests, let them believe Christ's oracles, let them believe the admonitions of angels who say "For with God nothing is impossible". Let them believe the apostles' creed which the Roman church has always kept undefiled…And so you are to know that Jovinian, Auxentius [etc.]..., whom your holiness has condemned, have also been condemned by us, in accordance with your judgement.” (Ep. 42, The Council of Milan to Pope Siricius, A.D. 390]

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