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Emperor Anastasius I of Constantinople

Papal Authority, St. Peter

“ are shown to have been the author and instigator, as suits you well, we delay too long. Although thirty days ago we removed you from the fellowship of apostolic communion on account of your afore-mentioned transgressions, believing that through priestly resolve you would by due penitence correct your misdeeds more readily, yet now, because you daily become more obdurate and commit yet more serious offences, we therefore with the role and authority of the blessed Peter the apostle, whose place we occupy, despite our inadequacy, together with our brothers and fellow bishops Datius of Milan, John of the Marsi, Zacchaeus of Scyllacum, Valentinus of Silva Candida, Florentius from Matelica, Julian of Cingulum, Romulus from Numana, Dominicus from Callipolis, Primasius of Hadrumetum, Verecundus of Junca, Stephen of Ariminum, Paschasius from Altinum, and Jordanes of Croton by this promulgation of our sentence. decree that you, Theodore, formerly bishop of the city of Caesarea in Cappadocia, are stripped both of priestly dignity and catholic communion and of every episcopal office and faculty.” (The Emperor’s letter of excommunication to Ascidas and Menas of Constantinople).

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