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Letter from Schismatic Bishops

“We know that Cornelius [the 21st bishop of Rome], bishop of the most holy Catholic Church, was chosen by God almighty and by Christ our Lord; we confess our error; we have suffered imposture; we have been deceived by treachery and captious loquacity; for although we seemed to have held, as it were, a certain communication with a schismatical and heretical man, nevertheless our heart has always been in the Church for we are not ignorant that there is one God and that there is one Lord Christ, whom we have confessed, that there is one Holy Spirit and that there ought to be one bishop in the Catholic Church.” .” (Maxiumus, Urban, Sidonius, from epistle 6, Quanam solicitudinem, to Cyprian, bishop of Carthage. This profession of faith by schismatics was accepted by Pope Cornelius [A.D. 252]).

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