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St. Peter

“We acknowledge one baptism, which we assert ought to be celebrated in the same form of words for infants as for adults. If a man lapses after baptism, we believe he can be saved by penitence. We confess free will, but we say [men] always need God's help, and we condemn those who say with the Manichaeans that man cannot avoid sin, as well as those who assert with Jovinian that man cannot sin.”

“This is the faith, most blessed Pope, which we have learned in the Catholic Church, which we have ever held and hold. If we have by chance set down aught in it unskilfully or without due caution, we desire to be corrected by you, who hold both the faith and the see of Peter. If, however, this our confession is approved by the judgement of your apostolate, then whoever desires to blacken me will not prove that I am a heretic, but that he himself is unskilful or evil-minded or not a catholic.” (Libellus Fidei [A.D. 417]).

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