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The Second Council of Constantinople (The Fifth Ecumenical Council)

Apostolic See

“We venerate and receive as orthodox whatever was said there by common consent with the legates and vicars of the orthodox Apostolic See. Whatever they anathematized or condemned we also anathematize and condemn; and whatever things are read to have been judged, or defined, or constituted or disposed, we preserve irreversibly and unchangeably as they were [so done] by the same synods by common consent with the vicars of the Apostolic See…” (Letter from the bishops to the Pope [A.D. 553]).

Though Pope Vigilius was excommunicated by this Council, reverence is still paid to the Apostolic See:

“as for unity with the Apostolic See, we both keep it and it is certain that you shall keep it… Let us therefore keep unity with the apostolic see of Old Rome, carrying out everything according to the content of the letters read…” (Sessions of the Council).

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