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Tyrannius Rufinus

St. Peter

“Peter was for twenty-four years Bishop of the Church of Rome…

“and further how he speaks of the city of Rome, which now through the grace of God is reckoned by Christians as their capital” (Apology, Book 2).

“Being all [the apostles] therefore met together, and being filled with the Holy Ghost, they composed, as we have said, this brief formulary [apostles creed] of their future preaching, each contributing his several sentence to one common summary: and they ordained that the rule thus framed should be given to those who believe.

“I think it well to mention that in different Churches some additions are found in this article. This is not the case, however, in the Church of the city of Rome; the reason being, as I suppose, that, on the one hand, no heresy has had its origin there, and, on the other, that the ancient custom is there kept up, that those who are going to be baptized should rehearse the Creed publicly. (Commentary on the Apostles Creed).

“ I believe in God the Father Almighty. But before I begin to discuss the exact meaning of these words, I think it is here not unsuitable to mention that in various churches certain additions to this clause are to be found. This, however, we do not observe to be the case in the church of the city of Rome. The reason is, I imagine, that no heresy has ever had its origin there.” (Commentarius in Symbolum Ajostolorum).

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