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Council of Rome, 378

Apostolic See

“This also, most merciful sovereigns is a clear example of your glory and piety that, when we gathered in considerable numbers from the different parts of Italy, to the sublime sanctuary of the apostolic see, and were considering what request we should make to you on behalf of the churches, we could find nothing better than that which you, in your spontaneous forethought, have bestowed. We now realize that there ought to be no shame in asking, or need to obtain by petition, favours which you have already granted. For as regards the fairness of our petition, long ago we gained what we now request; but, as regards the need of renewing our prayer, since we have not received the effect of your favours, we wish to obtain them again. . . .

“We request your clemency to make an order, that if anyone shall have been condemned by the judgement of Damasus or of ourselves, who are catholics, and shall unjustly wish to retain a church, or when called by a priestly judgement is absent through insolence, that he be summoned to Rome either by the illustrious men the praetorian prefects of your Italy or by the vicar. (To the Emperors, Et hoc gloriae).

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