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Pope Saint Leo II

Apostolic See, Papal Authority, Prince of the Apostles, St. Peter

"My predecessor, Pope Agatho, of apostolic memory, together with this honorable council, preached this norm of the right apostolic tradition. This he sent by your piety by his own legates...And now the holy and great council...has accepted it and embraced it in all things with us, as recognizing in it the pure teaching of blessed Peter the prince of the apostles...And because, as we have said, it has perfectly preached the definition of the true faith which the apostolic see of blessed Peter the apostle (whose office we unworthily hold), also reverently receives, therefore we...wholly and with full agreement do consent to the definitions made by it, and by the authority of blessed Peter, do confirm them..." (Mansi, v. 11, p. 721)

In the following three epistles, Pope St. Leo II changes the 6th Ecumenical Councils' charge against Pope Honorius I from heresy to negligence (that Honorius wasn’t a heretic is also the belief of many saints, most notably St. Maxiumus the Confessor). These are also the letters in which he approves the Council’s acts.

“Honorius, who did not immediately extinguish the flame of the heretical teaching, as would befit the apostolic authority, but supported it by his negligence.” (Pope Leo II to the Bishops of Spain [Pope from A.D. 682-83]).

“Honorius of Rome, who allowed the immaculate rule of apostolic tradition that he had received from his predecessors to be stained…” (Pope Leo II to the king of Spain).

“And, we in like manner, anathemized the inventors of the new error, namely, Theodore, Bishop of Pharan, Cyrus of Alexandria, Sergius, Phyrrus … and also Honorius, who did not purify this apostolic Church by the doctrine of the apostolic tradition, but rather he allowed the immaculate [Church] to be stained by profane treason” (Pope Leo II to the Roman emperor).

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