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Sergius of Cyprus

Apostolic See, Papal Authority, Foundation of the Church, Papal Supremacy, St. Peter

“O Holy Head, Christ our God hath destined thy Apostolic See to be an immovable foundation and a pillar of the Faith. For thou art, as the Divine Word truly saith, Peter, and on thee as a foundation-stone have the pillars of the Church been fixed.” (Sergius, Metropolitain of Cyprus, writing to Pope Theodore [A.D. 649] (Sess. ii. Concil. Lat.).

“Christ our God founded your apostolic see, O sacred head, as a divinely fixed and immovable support and conspicuous inscription of the faith. For you, as the divine Word truly declared without deceit, are Peter, and on your foundation the pillars of the church are fixed; to you he committed the keys of the heavens and decreed that you are to bind and loose with authority on earth and in heaven. You have been made the destroyer of profane heresies, as the leader and teacher of the orthodox and unimpeachable faith.” (After his letter was approved by Pope St. Martin [A.D. 643]. Price, Acts of Lateran, p. 157-160).

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