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We Need Your Help

Each dollar spreads I AM to 20 people

Prayer is also appreciated!

I AM Catholic  is an apostolate that connects and sponsors Catholic creators. One musician can play an instrument, but many can form an orchestra!

It is our mission to revive Christian culture by utilizing the thus far unexplored possibilities of the internet. The Catholic Church is not short of creatives, it only lacks unifying forces that connect and sponsor them. We want to be that unifying force. Each donation benefits this mission and thus strengthens the Church. 


We want to bring together the outposts of independent creators and form an army that comes together for something great. We hope to inspire a new generation of saints, evangelize, and make known to all the beauty of our faith by sparking a new Catholic renaissance.  

These are our principles:


  1. ​All content will be released for free, so as to reach the most people possible and to spread the Gospel

    2. Money has to be made somewhere, so a pay it forward, pay as little or as much as you want, basis will be the foundation of fueling this mission


    3. All of our creators will be equally paid 50% of our income, making them shareholders in the company’s success and failure. We will also support them in a number of ways, including crowdfunding their projects.

I AM is a vibrant and youthful company composed of dozens of volunteers. With such budding momentum, new helpers are coming to help us by the day. 

Our continued success wouldn't be possible without the grace of God. In order for it to continue to grow at such an exponential rate, bringing many closer to the truth, beauty, and goodness of Catholicism, we need your help!


Rise to the occasion, pray for our mission, and please, we ask, prayerfully consider supporting our cause with a financial donation.

Each donation, no matter how small, advances our mission of supporting creators and producing unique Catholic media.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God)


Thank you, and may God bless you,

—Founder and CEO, Michael Snellen

We Need You!

Support Our Mission

Each dollar spreads I AM to 20 people

Prayer is also appreciated!

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