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Holy Hour in Your House

Is it possible to grow a spiritual life when your life will not allow it?

We all have noise, sicknesses, and overbooked schedules. Piles of laundry, too many toys, and kids that are crying are the soundtrack to my life.

When things finally pipe down my phone buzzes, my inbox fills up or the doorbell rings.

Parenthood is constant sensory overload. Sometimes I am completely exasperated with discipline or concern over a child.

Whatever walk of life we are in, we all have moments when the revolving door of “need” does not pause for recharge.

After a year of trying, I was finally able to finish reading “The Reed of God” by Caryll Houselander. In this book, Houselander introduces what I call the “Theology of Ordinary People”. Ms. Houselander teaches the devout life for dummies- or how to be holy where you are, with who you are and what you’ve been given.

Think of it as a user manual for those who feel they are failing the spiritual life. It’s digestible, easy to understand, and if you can only flip through it for a moment—it is so rich that it is impossible not to grow deeper spiritually after reading a mere sentence.

Using “The Reed of God” as a springboard, our family began having morning chats about the interior life. We talked about God in us and how He’s in everyone and how we bring Jesus everywhere we go because we are baptized.

One afternoon, my five-year-old announced to all

“I am Jesus, because I have Jesus in me!”

I was moved by his total acceptance of sanctification. This child innately grasped what I’d been searching to understand for decades. This, as Houselander eloquently explains, is the essence of the spiritual life.

“We have God in us- we are living monstrances. Where shall we take Him today?” (The Reed of God, Houselander)

This is the simplest, most extraordinary gift to grasp for parents and single people alike! If we could all do one thing to better our spirituality the most effective thing we can do is remember we are children of God and that everyone we encounter in our day is God- an image of Him.

In this way, we are constantly at adoration! I was sometimes envious that my husband could sit in silent adoration or attend daily Mass if he wishes- how I long to love the Lord in quiet stillness. Yet here, all around in the noise and need are tiny monstrances- waiting for attention and love. As we fold the laundry or discipline the child- I adore you Jesus. When we grasp the hand that reaches out- I adore you my Jesus. As we hold the door to the office building- I adore you Jesus. While we patiently listen to the suffering soul on the phone- I adore you Jesus.

Recently, my youngest son fell asleep in our bed, which rarely happens anymore. As he slept, I cringed knowing I’d not rest with him kicking me all night. No sooner did I mentally complain, he shoved his chubby hand into mine and twisted his fingers around my own. He slept deeply and did not let go. It felt as though I held the hand of the Christ child- reaching out asking me to keep a sacred holy hour and I adored Christ present in this babe asleep on my mattress.

Christ is here in our midst- in our families, our apartments, our offices. If we recognize the chances to keep watch with Him our spiritual life will change. He calls us to ordinary adoration at all moments of our day in the many people and circumstances we face! He urges us to remember that through communion we become living tabernacles carrying Him in a Eucharistic procession through the course of our daily duties.

Where will you take Him today?


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