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Sell With Us

Our Catholic Marketplace


Truly Catholic

Like eBay or Amazon, we allow anyone to sell their merchandise. Unlike most of these secular sites, we don't take all of the profit or surround your items with immoral things.


Low Fees

God doesn't ask for more than 10%, so unlike other big platforms, we only have a 6.0% selling fee for each item you sell on our site. There is a 0%  listing and profile fee. This freedom allows you to sell more of your great items without the hassle.


A Valuable Option

If you already sell on Etsy or perhaps even your own website, since you keep track of your stock and do all of the shipping, you can also sell on our website, double-dipping as one may say. 


A Marketing Machine

By selling with us, you place yourself along a network of other Catholic sellers, a massive advertising brand that is the I AM apostolate (which will go out its way to market your merchandise), and our fanbase, which is eager to buy your products.

If you are interested in joining our marketplace, contact us below and we can help you get started.


1 (502) 249-9218

Thanks for submitting!

Used Books Program

Don't sell your used Catholic books on eBay or Amazon, where you will lose a lot of the profit all the while hosting your stuff alongside immoral items. You can sell them with us!

Rosary Rescue

New or used, you may sell your Rosaries or other Catholic items with us.

We Share Our Profit With Fans

Earn money by sharing I AM

Receive 10% commissions, a lifetime coupon, and more special opportunities

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